TOUGH mini
Tough Battery with Mini Size

TOUGH mini

Tough Battery with Mini Size
MP-L98V / MP-L150V
Voltage: 14.8V
Capacity: 98Wh / 147Wh
Mount Type: V Type
Model Mount Type Voltage Capacity P-Tap Output USB Output Dimension Weight
MP-L98V V Type 14.8V 6.6Ah/98Wh 14.8V 5V/2A×2
0.65kg/1.43 lbs
MP-L150V 9.9Ah/147Wh 0.85kg/1.87 lbs

TOUGH mini for TOUGH Environment

This battery can withstand drop from heights up to 2m to concrete floor without suffering internal critical damages that render it unusable.

Outside + Inside

Extra thick ABS+PC+ flame-retardant material is used in the case of TOUGH mini.
The structure inside the battery fixes every cell in it,so the cells are wrapped up with all-around protection.Circuit boards are contained in independent limiting slots with USB and P-Tap all integrated together.

Firm and Reliable

There are two silicone non-slip straps on right and left sides of the front of TOUGH mini. The increased surface friction effectively helps to avoid battery drop during piling or handling.

Large power draws - 10A


Two USB ports output standard DC 5V, providing power supply for other equipments with a USB connector.


Two P-Tap ports can be used to power camera lights or other equipments. Also, they can be used as charging port when a PRO-X charger with P-Tap socket is used.
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