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                                Intellicom           Economic Battery

             DV Battery

      Hornet    Battery

     Integrated P-tap and USB port

 2 P-Tap 12V DC outputs allow you to
 power other devices.A USB port allows
 accessible charging for mobile devices.

                  LCD  Display                  

            Hornet is outfitted with an  
            information LCD.Not only will
            you be able to see real runtime
            in hours and minutes, the LCD   
            also provides an estimated 
            runtime basing on a 26W power
            consumption when the battery  
            is on standby.Fruthermore,the
            LCD provides charging and  
            discharging information as well 

                                Air Transport Legal

                 2-part system provides a large   
                 capacity and air tracel friendly 
                 solution.Hornet can be legally
                 transported without restrictions   
                 of IATA,ICAO,and UN regulations


              Hibernation Mode and Reset

   There is a hibernation mode available
   in Hornet battery packs,which is helpful 
   for long term storage without exhaust
   the battery.The IATA regulation of   
   shipping batteries with less than 30%
   of capacity makes it more important to
   control battery self-discharge rate. In
   hibernation mode, Hornet battery packs
last more than six months even they
   are only 30% of rated capacity. 
   The battery can be reset when the MCU
   inside crashes or other faults occur.



Fuel Computer

The on-board fuel computer display   
is the most unique feature of the 
Hornet.The backlit  LCD displays
your operating time in hours and   
minutes,a capacity bar grid,and
percent capacity. The batterie's
fuel computer samples the capacity  
and the discharge or charge load,
recomputes and refreshes the 
display every 5 seconds.

                                                                                   Norma RUN Time                   

             When the battery is not in use the   
             battery calculates the run time based 
             upon a predetermined 26W load
             transported without restrictions         

                 Remaining RUN Time                

           When the battery is powering a 
           device,the battery calculates
           the run time based on the actual 


              Remaining Charge Time            

         When the battery is charging,the
         fuel computer calculates the time
         until the battery is fully charged.





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