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Digital Series 


           Brick Style

         Travel Charger     

          DV Charger


                    Brick Style   Charger    



                   GP-2LS/ GP-2LA

               2-channel Battery Charger
               and Power Supply

               A complete charging system
               with a convenient
               more compact design


                  GP-2LSJ / GP-2LAJ

           Compact enough to fit into a
           camera bag yet versatile
           addressing all PRO-X batteries

           Trickle charge maintenance
           program ensures the batteries
           are always at maximun capacity.


                     XC-2LS / XC-2LA

      Automatically addresses all chemistry
      types while being able to completely
      charge batteries 25% faster than the
      GP model.

       PRO-X brick style is programmed
       with all the charge routines Including 
       the maintenance program.


                  XC-4LS / XC-4LA

          Ideal charger for those that  
          find it essential to cycle many
          batteries throughout the day.

         Utilizing all charge routines, PRO-X  
         brick style charging efficiency is
         among the highest in the industry
         compared to other chargers

Simultaneous Charging

         Regardless of model, all brick
         chargers within PRO-X series
         have the ability to charge all
         batteries at the same time.
         Compared to some sequencing
         chargers, PRO-X Brick Style
         chargers can be up to four
         times faster.

Camera Power Supply

           PRO-X Brick Style chargers
           are outfitted with a 50(GP),
           70 (XC 2- Channel/100 (XC 4-
           Channel) watt camera power
           supply suitable for powering
           most professional broadcast
           cameras or other field equip-
           ments from an AC main.

MultiChemistry Charging

        PRO-X Brick Style chargers employ
        technology to address NiCD, NiMH, 
        and Lithium Ion. This enables the
        chargers not only to charge PRO-X
        XP and Intellicom batteries, but also
        batteries of other manufacturers.
        All charging models were designed
        so they could be easily integrated
        into your current battery system.

Quick Charge Current

           PRO-X Brick Style chargers
           offer quick charge current
           to reduce charging time.
           GP-2L: 1 battery-3A
                         2 batteries-2A
           XC-2L: 1 batteriey-3A
           XC-4L: 1 batteries-3A
                         4 batteries-2A












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