1km Intercom


Audio Input and Output Headset/ Gooseneck MIC & Speaker
Submachines Up to16
Power Input AC & DC
Cascade Extension Port 2-Wire and 4-Wire (select one), AUX IN/AUX OUT
TALLY Signal Port 12 Dry Contact Port
Frequency 433MHz, 12 Channels
Working Distance Up to 1km LOS
Power Consumption <20W
440×250×40mm / 17.32×9.84×1.57 in
Audio Input and Output Headset with XLR and Headset MIC
Frequency 433MHz, 12 Channels
Working Distance Up to 1km LOS
Working Time for
Built-in Battery
>8 hours
105 100 35mm(antenna excluded)
4.13×3.94×1.38 in(antenna excluded)

XLR Ports

4-wire and partyline intercom connections support communication with other wired intercom system

4+4 channels

Full Duplex available

Self-designed headset is equipped with XLR plug

It’s reliable, comfortable and good at isolating noise


Bi-color (RED and GREEN) TALLY signal LED indicator Independent installation makes it more flexible to use


LCD screen
Settable noise threshold
Reliable headset with XLR plug

Base Station

Full-Duplex Intercom
Up to 16 submachines available
Wireless intercom working distance up to 1000m (LOS)
433MHz frequency band with the properties of penetration and diffraction
European ISM frequency band with no need of license
Multiple working frequency points, avoiding interference
Connection with 2-Wire/4-Wire available
AC and DC power inputs
Antennas can be extended and placed in somewhere without blocking