DV Charger

Charger for DV Batteries

Model Charge
     Voltage (V)
      Voltage (V)
Current (A) Compatible Battery Weight (kg)
SCX-500UD 2 100-240 50/60Hz 16.8 2.0 Sony BP-U90/U60/30 0.3
SCX-400VBD 8.4 Panasonic VW-VBD58 CGA-D54S

Available Mounts

The chargers are available in SONY BP-U90/U60/30 and Panasonic VW-VBD58/CGA-D54S
So it will be compatible with your pre-existing battery system.

LCD Indication

SCX series Chargers feature LCD screen to display the charging status of battery.

Quick Charge Current

2-Channel 2.0A Output simultaneously