EP Battery

EP Series Battery

Model Mount Voltage Capacity Weight
EP-L100V V Type 14.8V 6.6Ah 98Wh 0.55kg/1.21 lbs
EP-L150V 9.9Ah 147Wh 0.80kg/1.76 lbs
EP-L300V 19.8Ah 293Wh 1.40kg/3.09 lbs
EP-L100A 3-Stud 6.6Ah 98Wh 0.55kg/1.21 lbs
EP-L150A 9.9Ah 147Wh 0.80kg/1.76 lbs
EP-L300A 19.8Ah 293Wh 1.40kg/3.09 lbs


EP model V-Type batteries are highly compatible with most of current lithium ion charging equipments available.
All EP model 3-Stud batteries require a PRO-X charger for proper charging.


All PRO-X Brick batteries have an incorporated P-Tap so you can power virtually any 12VDC device.
Those who have cameras which limit the current output to the on-board port can now simply tap into the battery.

Available Mounts

The PRO-X batteries are available in both V-Type and 3-Stud type mounting, so you can easily integrate the battery into your pre-existing battery system.

4-Stage LED Power Gauge

All PRO-X Brick batteries have a 4-stage LED Power Gauge so you can quickly reference the charge status of the battery in 25% increments.


USB port outputs standard DC 5V,which can be used to power mobile devices.

High Power Load

High load discharge of 10.0A/15.0A EP-L150/300 is ideal for all-purpose power supply