Other Plates

Camera Specific Plates


Micro V Mount Plate for Canon C300 Mark III/C500 Mark II cameras, with 2 P-Tap outputs, 1 USB output and 1 4-pin XLR output for all kinds of accessories.


GP-S-FS7 Mount plate as an alternative power option to the XDCA-FS7, with a 4-pin XLR input option and two p-taps as output options.


Universal Micro V Mount Plate
2 P-Tap outputs power your accessories


Micro V plate for SONY FX6 Camera
P-Tap and USB outputs for your accessories


Mini V plate for SONY FX6 Camera
Double P-Tap,1 USB and 1 XLR outputs to power your accessories

Mulitple Ports for XP-S-FX9

Dual P-Tap: DC10-16.8V, Unregulated output
USB-A: DC5V/2A output
Hirose Socket: DC10-16.8V, Unregulated output
2-pin LEMO: DC10-16.8V, Unregulated output
DC IN: 19V input (2pin DC-in). Inputs are hot swappable
DC Output: DC19V output for FX9 camera


Power for SONY PXW-FX9