Other Plates

For SONY, Blackmagic URSA and RED EPIC


Micro V Mount Plate for Canon C300 Mark III/C500 Mark II cameras, with 2 P-Tap outputs, 1 USB output and 1 4-pin XLR output for all kinds of accessories.


V Type Plate with PPT output and 10″ 1B 6-pin Lemo Connection
Transmits Data to EPIC/Scarlet when used with RED Bricks or PRO-X RED Batteries
Mounts directly to RED Cradle or RED Quickplate


For Blackmagic URSA 1 PPt and 12pin Molex connection
P-Tap to power 12v accessories
Works with all v-mount battery packs


GP-S-FS7 Mount plate as an alternative power option to the XDCA-FS7, with a 4-pin XLR input option and two p-taps as output options.


Universal Micro V Mount Plate
2 P-Tap outputs power your accessories


Mini V Mount Plate for For Φ15mm Rod


Micro V plate for SONY FX6 Camera
P-Tap and USB outputs for your accessories


Mini V plate for SONY FX6 Camera
Double P-Tap,1 USB and 1 XLR outputs to power your accessories

Mulitple Ports for XP-S-FX9

Dual P-Tap: DC10-16.8V, Unregulated output
USB-A: DC5V/2A output
Hirose Socket: DC10-16.8V, Unregulated output
2-pin LEMO: DC10-16.8V, Unregulated output
DC IN: 19V input (2pin DC-in). Inputs are hot swappable
DC Output: DC19V output for FX9 camera


Power for SONY PXW-FX9


Reliable Structure of XP-S-C70


Dedicated for Canon C70
The position of the battery plate can be adjusted up or down, so you can open or close the camera LCD screen freely. Rotatable connection design with top cheese plate can make the battery stop in a convenient position for shooting. With an A30/A60 battery as a backup, the brick battery is hot swapped to support continuous shooting.