200m XW-HDU03

XW-HDU03 / 200m(LOS)Wireless Transmission

Model HD/SD SDI Input(Audio Embedded) HD/SD SDI Output(Audio Embedded) HDMI Input HDMI Output Video LED Net LED
XW-HDU03 TX 1 1 1 No 1 1
XW-HDU03 RX No 2 No 1
XW-HDU03R TX 1 1 1 No 1 1
XW-HDU03R RX No 2 No 1
Model Support 1080p/1080i/720p
Digital Audio PCM,DTS, DOCBY,DIGITAL Frequency Working Temperature
XW-HDU03 TX Yes Yes 5.1-5.9GHz 0-40℃
XW-HDU03R TX Yes Yes 5.1-5.9GHz 0-40℃
Model Transmission Distance Latency Internal 5.1-5.9G High Efficiency Antenna Power Supply Power Switch on Operation Panel Power LED
XW-HDU03 TX >200m (LOS) <1ms Yes Battery, 6.5-17VDC Yes Yes
XW-HDU03R TX >200m (LOS) <1ms Yes 6.5-17VDC Yes Yes
XW-HDU03R RX Battery, 6.5-17VDC

Protective Travel Case


XW-HDU03 TX:V Type Mount Battery, DC 6.5-17V
XW:HDU03R TX: DC 6.5-17V RX:V Type Mount battery, DC 6.5-17V

1 Transmitter to Multiple Receivers

Built In HDMI Converter

Unlike other wireless transmission system PRO-X Wireless transmission System has a built-in HDMI to SDI converter for more stable video transmitting

Internal Antenna

High efficiency internal antennas are used for both TX and RX,which makes it a lot easier to avoid breaking antennas during shooting without compromising the performance.

Uncompressed Video Transmission & Latency less than 1 ms

With fully uncompressed, high definition images with embedded sound, PRO-X wireless transmission system exceeds all others on the market.