Rhyno 275B/V

Bi-voltage B-Mount/V-Mount Li-ion Battery

Model Rhyno 275B Rhyno 275V
Mount Type B-Mount V-Mount
Voltage 29.6V 29.6V
Capacity 275Wh 275Wh
4.6×3.7×4.0 in
4.6×3.7×4.0 in
Weight 1.6 kg/3.0 lbs 1.6 kg/3.0 lbs

Robust outer housing with short height, perfect for cine cameras.

4-stage LED gauge to view remaining power.

Rhyno also provides a 5V USB port for charging your mobile devices on location.

P-tap on the top outputs 16.5V/3A, with anti-dust cover for protection.

Sturdy and reliable B-Mount & V-Mount interfaces feature the seamless interlocking of individual components.

B-Mount & V-Mount high voltage plate

Works with the specially designed B-Mount plate to output 29.6V, the battery triggers protection with no output if mounted on a plate that’s not 24V B-Mount standard compliant.

The patented E-Tap port outputs to power 29.6V equipments or as charge port.

USB-C outputs 45W,5/9/15/20V.

Rhyno 275B/V provides dedicated 29.6V mobile power supply for high performance 24V cine cameras and lights.