TOUGH mini

Tough Battery with Mini Size

Model Mount Type Voltage Capacity P-Tap Output USB Output Dimension Weight
MP-L98V V Type 14.8V 6.6Ah/98Wh 14.8V 5V/2A×2
0.65kg/1.43 lbs
MP-L150V 9.9Ah/147Wh 0.85kg/1.87 lbs


Two P-Tap ports can be used to power camera lights or other equipments. Also, they can be used as charging port when a PRO-X charger with P-Tap socket is used.


Two USB ports output standard DC 5V, providing power supply for other equipments with a USB connector.

Large power draws – 10A

Firm and Reliable

There are two silicone non-slip straps on right and left sides of the front of TOUGH mini. The increased surface friction effectively helps to avoid battery drop during piling or handling.

Outside + Inside

Extra thick ABS+PC+ flame-retardant material is used in the case of TOUGH mini.
The structure inside the battery fixes every cell in it,so the cells are wrapped up with all-around protection.Circuit boards are contained in independent limiting slots with USB and P-Tap all integrated together.

TOUGH mini for TOUGH Environment

This battery can withstand drop from heights up to 2m to concrete floor without suffering internal critical damages that render it unusable.